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Peer to Peer Support Survey

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How Do You Connect?

There are insights that only you as a patient can give, and these allow healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions about the way CKD care is designed and delivered. Please take a moment to share your voice and respond to the Peer Support survey, here.

Kirk "I find it encouraging that decisions that drive kidney care in Ontario are based on the experiences of people like me. There are some insights that only a patient can offer." — Kirk K.

Read about Kirk's experiences and how a fellow patient made a difference in his life, here.

The Ontario Renal Network is partnering with The Kidney Foundation of Canada. We are asking patients, family members, transplant donors, and caregivers to tell us about their experiences with CKD. People who live with CKD have important experiences that we would like to better understand so that we can improve social and emotional supports for CKD patients and families.

What is Peer Support? Peer support programs allow people who have been affected by kidney disease to come together to share their experiences. Peer support may provide personal connections, information on lifestyle adjustments, emotional support and other benefits.

This survey will provide us with information about supports for people affected by CKD. We will use the findings to help improve peer-to-peer support programs.

Help us improve the peer support available to you and others affected by kidney disease. If you have kidney disease or are a caregiver, a kidney donor or recipient, this survey is for you!